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Information Managers in International Organisations


The IMIO is a collaborative effort established in 2007 to bring together the staff working in the field of Information and Evidence Management and who are based in The Hague. It includes records managers, archivists and information managers. The group meet several times per year and are hosted by different organizations on a revolving basis. The IMIO conferences served the purpose to share innovate solutions in information management and to assist our organisations’ businesses. It was a successful contribution to the sharing of knowledge and in building a trusting network of experts from different international organisations based in The Hague and further afield.

The Archivist and the Big Data dilemma


Is “big data” therefore, the challenge or something more fundamental is in play?

The Effective Approach to Managing Records and Information

Information Managers and Employees are Responsible to Capture and Manage Information Properly

Challenges in implementing EDRMS


Focusing barely on technology will not fruit desired results. The technology, of course, alongside procedures and legislation helps records managers to achieve their strategic goal in most effective manner.



Over 40 members of the IMIO participating organizations have announced they attendance, exciting!

The meeting will be opened by the DG of Dutch NA at 13:00 sharp. Be there in time (Prins Willem-Alexanderhof 20, Den Haag) !.





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IMIO is a professional group for information managers, archivists, records managers, evidence managers and librarians who work at different European and international organisations. We share our knowledge and experience with the aim of providing peer support and aspire to implement information management best practices within our respective organisations. We also seek to support each other in terms of career development and learning, and currently meet regularly in The Hague




Free publications to both members and the public on the industry related topics.

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IMIO meeting hosted by the Dutch National Archives, The Hague.


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